Phashtag’s Image Recognition Technology Covered in A Small Orange

Phashtag was recently covered in this article from A Small Orange’s corporate blog. We had the pleasure of meeting A Small Orange a few weeks ago when they sponsored the Ivey Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition and they are a great web hosting option for entrepreneurs.

A few highlights from the article:

“The co-founders won a pitch competition at the Ivey Business School, where Wellman is a senior, for their new company, Phashtag. Phashtag—short for “photo hashtag”—is a company that allows advertisers to track their brand as it spreads across social media. The team has developed technology that can detect logos in any photograph which are increasingly the dominant mode of communication across social media”

““We all had a strong background in machine learning, and we wanted to apply this knowledge to a trend that’s growing very important in the world,” Wellman said. “People are communicating in terms of photographs rather than texts.”

Many thanks to A Small Orange for their support of both Phashtag and entrepreneurs at the Richard Ivey School of Business!


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